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Our team of veterinary technicians, assistants, and administration at Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital looks forward to providing your pet with the best care we can.

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Kayde #1


R.V.T. & Practice Manager

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    Kayde has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from Alberta.  Although originally from the lower Kootney's, she lived in Alberta for several years.  She is happy to once again call BC home once again and is looking forward to exploring this beautiful area and making it her home. I have always had a passion for animals and have gotten to pursue it for many years as an RVT in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Small Animal and Emergency Medicine.  In the last five years, she has transferred into management roles in the Veterinary Industry and has been loving it ever since, and am currently working on getting her CPVM. 

    In her spare time, you can find her running with her nine-year-old Cane Corso Khyzik, relaxing with her cats or having pool/gardening time with her two-year-old rescue French Bulldog Cardi. She also enjoys volunteering in the community, kayaking, hiking, and reading in her spare time.

Tamara #1


Lead R.V.T.

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    Tamara graduated from Fairview College in Alberta in 1991 as an Animal Health Technologist and has worked for Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital and The Landing Veterinary Hospital since 1892 (Ok, maybe it was 1992 but that’s still a really, really long time.)

    She dreamed of becoming a technologist since she was a little girl and her great grandfather was a Veterinarian. She has a special interest in dental care for pets and enjoys teaching pet owners about how to keep their pets healthy with preventive care. 

    Tamara likes to say that she learns something new every day and that work is like her home away from home. 

    On those rare occasions when she is not working, Tamara is really up for anything – she has recently taken up trail bike riding and acrylic painting. At home, Tamara has two unique cats: “Roo” bottle-raised kitten – now a spoiled princess and a failed clinic cat that thinks he is a dog named “Dozer”.

Madi #1



Shae #1



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    Shae grew up on a farm in rural Ontario with her many animals including a pig, three horses, and two dogs. With her strong love of animals Shae knew she would pursue a career in Veterinary medicine. In 2019, Shae graduated from Seneca College in Ontario as a Veterinary Technician. 

    To start her new career (and to escape the snow and cold!) Shae moved out to BC in April 2019 and found the Sunshine Coast. She now lives in the lovely Gibsons area, with her two cats; Verlander and Rousey. She loves to be outside as much as possible and on her days off you can find her horseback riding or hiking.

Bettina #1



Carrie #1



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    Carrie ventured through many different career paths before becoming an RVT. Carrie graduated from Thompson Rivers University’s Animal Health Technology Program with a special interest in anesthesiology and animal nursing. 

    Initially working in Toronto, she has moved to BC to live on the coast with her two goofy cats, Bean and Jersey. 

Kelli #1



Cindy #1


Veterinary Assistant

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    Cindy recently joined the Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital and Landing Veterinary Hospital team bringing a background in human education and behaviour. After working in Child Care for seven years, Cindy made the transition to work with animals. Managing the Sunshine Coast BC SPCA gave Cindy experience and education in animal behaviour, and she took particular interest in how to provide low-stress environments. 

    Having done a fair bit of travelling and always wanting to do more, Cindy has a long list of places she wants to visit! She feels invigorated by new environments and cultures, often preferring to just sit back and watch her surroundings. 

    While home, Cindy enjoys reading, baking, and anything involving music. Her life is ruled by Emma, an extra-large and hilariously demanding dog!

Amanda #1


Veterinary Assistant

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    Hailing from Australia originally, Amanda joined our team at the end of 2018. After her adventures in various parts of the world, she has called the Sunshine Coast home for the last 10 years.

    She has worked with dogs for 13 years in her own dog grooming business. She has been a long-time volunteer with the local SPCA.

    Amanda and her husband Dean have four wonderful grown-up boys and three dogs, her latest addition is Charlotte a big beautiful Bernese Mountain dog.

Alison #1


Lead Client Relations

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    Alison has recently joined our team after moving her family and fur kids across the country from Ontario!

    She has worked in the Veterinary Industry for over 20 years.

    When she is not working you can find her doing some kind of DIY project, hiking, kayaking or gardening.

Janice #1


Veterinary Assistant/Client Relations

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    Janice joined the practice in 2018. She first came to us as a client before joining our team.

    Originally from Edmonton, Janice caught the travel bug at an early age. Making her way around the world as a SCUBA instructor, she got to be face-to-face – or fin to fin – with oodles of wildlife. It took almost 15 years of adventure, but she finally found her feet on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC and plans to stay. 

    At home, Janice’s happy little family includes two dogs – Reefer a pitty-heeler mix, and Bella a red nose pitbull. You can often find them on an outdoor adventure up the mountain, or out (and in) the water!

Paula #1


Client Relations

Emma #1


Kennel Assistant

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    Emma has been working around her student schedule as a kennel assistant at Eagle Ridge for almost two years. She loves animals, especially chunky orange cats like our office cat Penny, who she is looking after (kidnapped) during Covid and has no plans of returning her to the clinic just yet! After high school, Emma plans on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and  In the meantime, Emma loves to travel and dreams of opening an animal hospital on a Greek Island.

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